Alfie Indra – So Damn Famous


Alfie Indra has already shown off his lyrical wit in the past with him detailing the catch 22 that comes with being involved in youth culture whilst maintaining a healthy mind in Molehills and the melancholia that cascades down upon you with narrative driven tracks like All My Friends Are Depressed. His words read like poetry and he isn’t afraid to be candid with his listeners, openly expressing his inner pain to give a cathartic moment for himself as well as the listener.

Today he’s continuing to show that the pen is mightier than the sword with So Damn Famous being a tongue in cheek depiction of fame with Indra imagining himself decked out with Grammys, people following his every move, dying young, living like a rock star and everything in-between. However we soon realise that this fantasy is exactly that, a fantasy, as he pulls back the curtain to reveal his, “‘Cause I just need to be somebody else / I don’t wanna be my fucking self,” which is mesmerisingly expressed through the sudden tonal shift of the production, going from a buoyant backdrop to a more ominous undertone. He’s setting the UK scene a-lite and the only way he is going is up.

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