polearm – white swan


polearm dives into internal conflicts and insecurities in “white swan”, creating a space that encapsulates the loud thoughts that can run on and on in an overly self-critical mind. Energized by angst, emo vocals, and writing that’s brought to the ultimate level with a blaring hyperpop tone, “white swan” showcases polearm’s ability to create catchy melodic lines tied to emotionally driven writing. It opens with a captivating midwest emo inspired guitar riff that’s shortly followed by polearm’s relatable lyrics. “I just wanna be perfect” is the perfect line to scream along with when dealing with the overwhelming ideas that cause you to feel as if your efforts haven’t been good enough. The mix of electronic and square synths over pounding drums creates the perfect balance of distorted sounds and natural, raw, emotions that fuel the fire behind this angsty track. Not only is “white swan” enjoyable for the lyrics, but its aggressively upbeat manner is bound to get anyone jumping around. The beginning guitar riff is cleverly pitched and distorted in order to bring the song to a close, repeating in a similar way conflicting and internalized thoughts repeat in a cycle; just how polearm repeats, “It’s all in my head, it’s all in my head again”. There’s a heavy feeling of yearning in “white swan” that focuses on being able to make sense of what’s true and what we tend to tell ourselves when dealing with overly critical self reflections. This upfront awareness of the habits found in the subconscious mind make “white swan” the emo hyperpop ballad we never knew we needed.

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