Willum Maindo – New Faces


A slice of sun-soaked soul without the morning languor, New Faces is the perfect soundtrack for bedroom yearning after seeing your lover walk out the door and the “thoughts ‘bout the seconds we be missin’,” as Willum Maindo croons. Resplendent with shimmering chimes and dappled piano keys, the newest track features the London-based singer-songwriter ready to take his heart out (“You know that I would risk it all for you”) — and his clothes off (“We gonna be practicin’ tonight”). Heart monitor synth blips enter the production halfway through the song, breaking the daydream texture of dazed guitars until handclaps and snare ripples take the song to climax. It’s a two-and-a-half-minute journey that feels restless with the flutter of romance, the most incisive line hidden at the end of the second verse (“I can trust love once again”), but the ending says just as much with no words, the smiling comfort of a simple, last-call-at-the-bar piano outro.

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