Graywave – Swallow


West Midlands born and raised musician Graywave creates gargantuan sized dream pop with a colossal edge that could fill a stadium with just a few of her fuzzy guitar riffs thrusting her halcyon vocal into the limelight. Best described as the dusk before the dawn, her soundscape is shrouded in darkness with her ominous lyrics showing off her masterful storytelling talents and the gothic compositions that are reminiscent of Nirvana but with a more atmospheric undertone that’s only amplified by her angelic vocal display. Despite being so young this artist is already demonstrating a songwriting talent that’s well beyond her years. She makes an instant connection with the emotion she radiates, making her one of the best artists to come out of Birmingham in a long time.

From her EP Planetary Shift, the track Swallow is a hazy lo-fi sonic experience that has a 90’s alternative vibe about it with a raw emotional impact that hits like a prime punch from Mike Tyson and a subtle sense of grandeur that makes this a bona fide stadium anthem. Thematically focusing on losing trust within your thoughts and actions, her engaging lyrics bring you into her inner emotional turmoil and makes an instant connection that left speechless from start to finish. Expect to see Graywave on the radio or on the cover of Clash Magazine in the future.

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