With a knack for crafting immediately impactful music with expressive lyrics forming a vivid portrait, the 17 year old musician Buppy. composes emotionally invigorating anthems for a new generation with his refreshing blend of genres. His unfiltered thoughts form evocative lyricisms that pour elegantly out over his cinematic M83 inspired production with his raw vocal soaring above it all to create a swirling whirlpool of heightened emotion that resonates with all who behold it. His music is safe space for others to freely express their emotions with the solidarity that no one else will know, it’s something he shares with only his listeners and that’s what makes his music so poignantly beautiful. It feels personal to you.

TELL ME YOU’RE SORRY is the sonic equivalent of an emotional gut punch with the track being born out of his own anger from the near end of a turbulent relationship. His unrestrained frustration comes out in full force with his fervent vocal as he lays his soul bare to us all, opening up about his own substance abuse issues born from the relationship and the wasted time he spent on her lies, wishing he could have it all back. He doesn’t masquerade his feelings, he lets us know every detail of his pain, utilising it in creating a passionately striking soundscape his evocative raspy vocals fly over to form something that anybody experiencing heartbreak will be able to relate to.

Must Read