Ca$hrina – Happy New Fear

If you were a fan of Avril Lavigne in her hey-day but now want a more grunge filled alternate to soundtrack your life then this artist is for you. Describing her sound as permanently stuck in 2005, the creative, artist and all around talented musician Ca$hrina takes the hazily raw alternative rock sound of the early 2000’s / late 90’s and adds her own contemporary flair to bring it into the modern era. She oozes an uncanny nostalgia in every release, be in the anthemic Bowling Star that gives off these heavy Malcom In The Middle opening theme vibes or the more electronically altered number JNCO, which features terrific music video to go along with it.

Happy New Fear is her most emotive piece to date, opening with a solemn guitar melody accompanying her delicately toned vocal that unleashes a wave of heartfelt emotion that’ll come cascading down upon you and leave you teary eyed. The heart-on-sleeve narrative of her lyrics focus on not wanting to fall for someone again but afraid they’ve move on without you and she belts out the emotional plea, “I’m scared!” Raw, passionate and something that will soundtrack many people’s entry into 2022.

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