Ally Evenson – Bite My Tongue

Weaving a pensive tale through her introspective songwriting and divine lyrical prowess, the Detroit native Ally Evenson captures the complex aftermath of a lost love through the evocative single Bite My Tongue. The four minute anthem opens with a sullen guitar riff complimented by the soft dulcet tones of her angelic vocal as the diary entry like lyricisms make the palpable emotion connect with anyone who listens. Then we build to a grand end filled with stadium filling guitars, Herculean drums and her impassioned vocal takes the next step up to make each word she utters feel like a punch from Floyd Mayweather or a roundhouse kick from Conor McGregor.

The stirring journey contemplates how once we’ve lost someone we often look in the mirror and feel as if there is a piece missing, we feel incomplete like an unfinished symphony and can’t recognise the person on the other side. Whilst her music has this glorious emotion to it, it’s her storytelling that makes everything in this soundscape tick.

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