Sarah and the Sundays – I’m So Bored


The rising Austin band Sarah and the Sundays have always been ahead of the times with them remotely recording their album So You’re Mad About The Cups remotely in 2019, long before the COVID made it a necessity for most artists. Although they were trailblazers of this new methodology of collaborating, the pandemic made soon took its toll on the artists as the boredom set in and the mundane way of living soon left them yearning for any way out. They channeled this frustration and unrivalled levels of monotony into their music to give the masses something that’s instantly relatable and also manages to make the dullness of lockdown a bit more vibrant.

The tongue in cheek sentiment of I’m So Bored is utterly addictive with the soundscape channeling the quirky yet enthralling nature of Cage The Elephant with the high spirited energy stadium anthem vibe you’d get from The Vaccines. The vibes the buoyant production produces is unrivalled and expertly contrasts the more melancholy lyricisms to form a bittersweet atmosphere that gives this a ridiculously high replay value. It’s a must listen and there’s no doubt in my mind that when summer comes around this will be on everyones playlist.

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