Noah Jack – ANGST


The 20 year old Pennsylvania native Noah Jack is everything you’d expect to see from an artist who has the potential to become not just a star but a supernova who’s uniquely all encompassing sound could light up the night sky. Bending genres on a whim he doesn’t play by the usual music conventions, instead he looks at the rules that other trailblazers have written before him before deciding that it’s his time to join them as he ventures off into the unknown to craft a sonic identity that is distinctly his own that nobody can lay claim to.

ANGST couldn’t be a more apt name for the follow up to his debut FACELIFT. Charismatic vocals with a raw undertone of harbouring emotions leads the charge over an abrasive production of clashing synths and cataclysmic electronic instrumentals that gives off this magnificent sense of grandeur as the ear worm hooks wriggle their way into the deepest crevasse of your brain. His unorthodox approach to songwriting makes him an eccentric one of a kind, not a dime a dozen, and there’s no doubt he’s going to become a big player in this industry.

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