greek – falling

The Virginia native greek has proven countless times how much of a seasoned songwriter he is through his unique repertoire of hazy yet wistful soundscapes and crooning vocals portraying lo-fi musings on the human condition. Filled with endless vibes his sonic identity has this warmly familiar atmosphere to it that puts you at ease the second his crisp vocals weave their way beautifully in-between contrasting melodies and before too long you’ll be sent into a dreamy bliss induced coma which you hope never to awake from. He’s the perfect addition to any late night drive or romantically lovelorn playlist.

His latest release falling takes captive of that unmistakable feeling falling head over heels for someone can bring where the butterflies in your stomach swarm whenever they approach as the nervous hope of them liking you more than a friend consumes your every thought. There’s a beautiful nostalgia radiating from the track with the sentimental story sounding like sonic diary entry that’d be played at a high school prom with the sweet lyrics encouraging everyone to let the romanticism take hold of them for a night they’ll never forget. Iridescent, sweet and memorable, this track is puppy love in song form, what’s not to love about it?

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