jo – consumed


Ohio native jo has made a debut that could quite possibly be a contender for song of the year. If you combined the devilishly poetic yet heart-wrenching narrative driven lyrics of Twenty One Pilots with the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Melanie Martinez then you’d get the spellbinding songstress that is jo. The elegant skeletal production provided the perfect backing for her ethereal vocals to deliver profound lyrics that give us an everlasting sense of misery with an underlying fear of what is yet to come whilst maintaining a somber level of hope for what could be. It’s best described as music you’d listen to whilst standing on the roof of a block of flats as rain pours down upon you, making all your problems feel so small in comparison to the grandeur you’re apart of.

Consumed is a piece of poetry, the thought-provoking lyrics details an abusive relationship where she confesses that he is the monster that lurked under her bed and how he holds all the power over her like a puppet on a string… but it’s all she’s ever known. She sends chills down my spine and goosebumps across my body with the minimalistic beauty she offers, but what I love most about her music is that jo doesn’t want you to just feel, she wants to leave behind a thought-provoking message that’ll ruminate in your mind for years to come. This is something special.

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