Boyish – whatshisname

Boyish pretty much nailed their sound within their spotify bio with the words, “Are you gay? Are You Sad? Then welcome you’re in the right place!” The duo met at Berklee College of Music where their musical compatibility became quite apparent and before too long they were confidently expressing their musicality through their own unwavering sonic identity. They began to build a name for themselves with their youthful indie rock sound that channeled their inner angst with a vibrant production to back them up, otherwise known as what they call “Big Gay Sadness.”

whatshisname is one half War On Drugs and one half Dancing In The Dark by Bruce Springsteen with the buoyantly happy production juxtaposing the slightly more darker lyrics regarding not feeling alive. Again, as they’ve mentioned, this is the type of song you play in the background when you just want to be sad, the world around you is becoming chaotic and for a few moments all you want to do is wallow is self pity. They create music that lets you accept your sadness and this track is living proof of that.

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