Haley Joelle – Emergency Contact

When looking for love everyone has something unique that they want from the relationship, be it a hiking partner, a gym buddy, a Netflix binge partner or, as the 21 year old songwriter from Oregon Haley Joelle discovered from Matt on The Bachelor, an Emergency Contact. This idea is the main driving force behind her debut single that is like the second coming of Drivers Licence with it being able to pull at your heart strings effortlessly through the lyrical narrative it weaves that will undoubtably soundtrack many break ups and late night crying sessions.

The minimalist production comprised of a sole piano building a melancholia inducing atmosphere that allows the intimate storytelling to truly grip you like you’re watching the climax of your favourite romantic movie as our main character holds this form in her hand realising she can’t write down their name anymore. It’s a beautiful sadness that comes from this track, it allows you live in this brief nostalgia of your past relationship to remember the joy you once felt but also wallow in the sadness of knowing those memories are just that, memories.

It’s a true tearjerker that demonstrates the unadulterated passion Joelle has for her craft and how she’s here to provide a shoulder to cry on through all your break ups.

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