CACTUS ORANGE – i could get away

Time for a tearjerker. 21 year old pop artist CACTUS ORANGE is fresh onto the scene with his debut single, i could get away, being a tenderly penned number that dives deep into his own inner emotional turmoil with the opening lyric immediately pulling at our heart strings, “Seems like it all has changed I cried myself to sleep.” He wears his heart on his sleeve allowing himself to open up to the world and, as a result, make an instant connection with us the listener that makes it feel like we’re listening to a close friend openly confess their grievances to us and we’re here as a shoulder to cry on.

He doesn’t go over the top with his production or introduce vocal runs when not needed, no instead CACTUS ORANGE keeps it beautifully minimal and lets his ability of weaving lyrical narratives together in compelling fashion do the talking for him. It’s elegant, personal and above all else it’s damn good music.

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