Su Lee – I’ll Just Dance


There’s a lot of negative things happening as a result of this lockdown but sometimes you get people like Su Lee who manage to bring out some top quality quarantunes to keep us all entertained. Puns aside Su Lee has managed to hit that sweet spot for us in her latest offering I’ll Just Dance, with the relatable lyrics striking a chord with audience and the catchy melodies finding their way into the back of our cranium and lodge themselves so deep that it requires a bulldozer to get them out.

Honestly it’s one of those songs that manages to perfectly capture the state of affairs we’re in right now where we’re all mindlessly wandering through not really knowing what to do and worrying about our own state of well being, all compressed down into an addictive little bedroom pop track. It’s just brilliant a track that when combined with her utterly charming music video it’s hard not to fall head over heels for her and her music.

We implore you to dive into her YouTube channel too, it’s the wholesome content that we’ve all been looking for this quarantine. I fully believe that Su Lee is going to be a star, look forward to seeing one of her live shows.

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