KINIDA – Muri Apa


As I sat down to first listen to the multimedia artist KINIDA I didn’t fully know the rollercoaster ride of experimental weirdness mixed with cultural expressionism and empowerment that I was about to experience but damn am I happy I did. Muri Apa, meaning headache in Korean, was inspired after the artist’s first heartbreak where both her and her partner had conflicting thoughts regarding the long term relationship which resulted in, you guessed it, a headache for both parties. She expresses this all elegantly through the dual dialogue her lyricisms convey as she confronts these emotions head on whilst still holding onto that she knows aren’t good for her as she says in Korean, “Don’t Leave.”

It’s a rather emotive piece that anyone who’s experienced heartbreak can connect with as she speaks to us the listener over a stripped back electronic production mixed with a looping bassline allows for the airy tone of KINIDA’s vocal to gently glide over it all. Combine all this together and you’ve got the makings of something great.

Must Read