Ethel Cain – Michelle Pfeiffer ft. lil aaron

Florida native Ethel Cain originally started her music career back in early 2017 with a few lucid demos of her bedroom pop sound, little did we know though that this would be the start of something rather special. As she grew so did her sound, she eliminated the smooth nature of he dreamy soundscape and replaced it with the raw edges of indie rock that launched her from the ground up into the stratosphere.

Michelle Pfeiffer, her proper debut single, came after a revelation when it was her, “first time ever in LA, in a studio for the first time ever with Aaron, and it felt like I was finally being seen for the artist I’d been trying to be for years. I’ve always idolized Michelle Pfeiffer and thought she was a picture perfect bombshell so when I was in the back of my Uber with the windows down, headed to the studio bright and early that first morning and humming a little chorus melody to myself, I felt like a bombshell of my own. It felt like my life had finally started.”

A hazy soundscape allows her evocative vocals to pierce through like a shining beacon of light in the darkness before bouncing off of lil aaron’s voice as their emotional torment elevates to new heights. The honey drizzled production brings you into her world with the intimate melodies before a euphonic explosion occurs through clashing guitars, halcyon vocals and a tearjerking end that sends goosebumps dancing up and down my body.

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