Back in 2020 J $ENSEI had his single She Don’t Sleep go viral, it wracked up hundreds upon thousands of streams overnight and inspired him to go the distance, overcome obstacles and create something that outlived his own self. From this he birthed the EP It’s Bc Ur an Aries, a project that showcased the indie pop heartthrobs sound in all its glory. Euphoria inducing highs, earth shattering lows, compelling lyrical storytelling, addictive hooks you can’t get out of your head, hauntingly mesmerising production, it’s all featured in this one body of work.

However it was MOTHS that left our jaws on the floor. The smooth yet airy tone of his vocal over the indie rock infused alt pop production has the glorious melancholy filled angst that you’d expect to see in an A24 coming of age movie soundtrack. His earnest storytelling draws you into his world as you go on this journey of self discovery with him as these intertwining stories seamlessly connected and understanding more about yourself than when you first entered. It’s hard not to love a sound as good as this.

Must Read