dylxn – is this how it all falls apart?

Ever since this pandemic started, it seems like the world is in a constant frenzy, no wonder I feel like I always need a song to cry to. 23-year-old Milwaukee native, dylxn, perfectly satisfies that wish with his newest release, is this how it all falls apart?, *warning* this one’s a damn tear-jerker.

Serving as his fourth single, the track builds around a simple, but extremely catchy guitar melody. Producing, mixing, writing, and recording all of his own work, dylxn takes full control of his creative process, making sure the result is magnificent, born completely from his own mind. His soothing vocals tell the story of his position in his relationship, where he feels he is not showing his partner enough attention and love due to his mind being elsewhere, and in return, everything is falling apart. You know a song is groundbreaking when it not only makes the listener feel something, but it makes the creator equally overcome with emotion… dylxn speaks:

“This is the only song I’ve cried to after writing and easily the one that means the most to me.”

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