Camilla Covington – Mosquito Bites

Camilla Covington possesses a timeless sound, with her velvety, raspy tinged voice soaring over the lo-fi jazz production that lights the flames of passion the lyrics ignite until they explode with vibrant colours like roman candles dazzling the nights sky. She touches upon a vast array of subjects from the beauty of being imperfectly perfect, extravagant romantic fantasies that seem near impossible to achieve and encouraging a sense of self worth, making her music unforgivingly personal, raw and powerful. It’s no surprise why these profound musings have seen her garner widespread love and comparisons to the likes of Amy Winehouse and Corinne Bailey Rae.

Her latest Mosquito Bites has continued to see her stock rise as you feel the white hot intensity of her frustration as she passionately delivers the fervent lyricisms through her usually soft but now hard-hitting vocal. The laidback production makes no mistakes in letting you know the story is what you should be focusing on, allowing the musky atmosphere it creates make her airy tone pierce through it in glorious fashion. Embrace her sound and let the enticing piece take over your soul.

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