Addison Grace – Honeysuckle


Addison Grace’s previous releases have all been bubbly affairs with a sweet nature and cheery melodies that have given her sound a wonderful charm that is akin to a modern age Disney Princess. However today Grace is showing us another side to her sound, today she abandons the happy-go-lucky style we’ve previously got to know her from and instead today decides to take us down an emotionally lovelorn path that will have us reaching for the tissues and crying out our sorrows. Safe to say when she does a live show you’ll be in for a rollercoaster of emotions.

Honeysuckle allows her angelic vocals to reach new heights as the honey drizzled production of tender guitar riffs, somber beats and solemn harmonies allows the intimate story she tells to truly take flight. As she sings a movie begins to play in your mind over, you understand the characters as if they were your best friends and slowly form an emotional connection between the pair, never wanting to see them separate and letting the love take over you. It’s a more solemn number but still has that signature Addison Grace charm to it.

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