Cassie Dasilva – Unsolicited Contact


For one second put yourself in Cassie Dasilva’s shoes. It’s your birthday, you’re with your family and you’re having a fantastic time celebrating a day that is meant to be about the joy of you coming into this world, then you get a text from your ex who (supposedly) forgot it was your birthday and just wanted to brag about his new girl called Megan. This crazy act on his part lead to Dasilva writing an empowering anthem that was her own middle finger to boys like that but, to rub even more salt into his wounds, she made it clear in her music video that all details and names hadn’t been changed… that’s big main character energy and we’re all here for it. Although we’re now waiting for the dudes reply with, “Maybe Megan was the only rhyme,” as a lyric.

Unsolicited Contact is pure angsty pop brilliance where we get to witness her live out her Scream Queens fantasy, explosive drama and all. The hook will be stuck in your head for days to come as the vibrant synth melodies launch you into this colourful world where you can belt this track out at the top of your lungs as you think about all the guys who held you back over the years. To top it all off this music video was made with no men, the cast and crew were all women or non-binary and if that isn’t poetic justice then I don’t know what is.

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