Voose Pablo – Last Day of High School


Despite only being a teenager Voose Pablo is already proving himself to be one of the hottest prospects coming out of Australia in recent years. He creates music that is about life, he walks through the street noticing things around him that others wouldn’t see, something he learnt in his early years when playing in the street, as he soaks up the world around him he translates that into his music. The multifaceted sound he’s crafted consistently shifts, going from trap, to 80’s pop, to EDM and all the way to indie rock, allowing his sound to be like a chameleon, fit into whatever surroundings it inhabits and scenario it requires to blend in with.

Last Day of High School is a sombre affair, as the title suggests, with the deep melancholy guitar riffs and looping drum beat setting the scene perfectly for the adolescent story he begins to tell us. It’s a nostalgic affair that manages to capture the freedom of youth but also the sepulchral tones that come from knowing that this time in your life is slowly coming to an end as the first chapter of your book ends and the next one begins. It’s the highs and lows that come with life translated into one short but sweet track.

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