Story Slaughter – Electric Pink Guitar

At the book end of 2020 the Dallas, Texas born and raised artist Story Slaughter announced her one in a million sound in sheer style, with her debut Ranch Water being a glorious mashup of the classic country genre, that her place of birth is known for, and modern alternative pop. She breathed new life into these two genres and the message she delivered instantly resonated with me, as well as many other young adults, through the earnest lyricisms and effortless storytelling about comparing your life to others around you. Now she continues to expand her sonic universe as she hopes to bring joy and happiness to all with her jubilant follow up titled Electric Pink Guitar.

An electric guitar leads the production with some country toned riffs that make you feel like you’re in a small bar on the outskirts of Dallas as the room around you erupts in euphoric cheers as Slaughter takes the stage donned with her signature Electric Pink Guitar and is ready to put on a show that you’ll never forget. The guitar has always had the power to make anyone feel like a star, whether you’re performing in a small town bar, a family get together or even your own room, you feel special because nothing can make you feel the way strumming a guitar can. This piece perfectly captures that feeling in such a euphonic way it’s hard to not to want to get up on stage with her.

I said Story Slaughter was special when we first stumbled upon her music and I stand by that statement today. This artist has got a truly special sound and she thrills me with every track she releases.

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