glenhaven – SWEETEA


Music has always offered us a cathartic experience, when the world outside is dark music is always there to shine a light and make it all seem brighter than it was before and raise our mood along with it. There are countless songs that give us this serotonin boost however after the week from hell I’ve gone through the Los Angeles based artist collective glenhaven have given me the biggest injection of joy I could ever wish to have. With just one listen to their track SWEETEA my frown has been effortlessly turned upside down and then I’m experiencing a euphoric rush that I never expected to feel from a tune such as this.

The ethereal guitar melodies make you feel like you’re the main character in your own movie melt into the sweet melodic vocals to make you feel like you’re floating on air before the looping drum beat comes in to make you enjoy the green pastures of earth. Even the visualiser for this piece is a joyous affair, it remains simple but so fun with just a group of friends having fun and enjoying their life, perfectly reflecting this song. Get your daily boost of serotonin now with this number.

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