Number One Popstar – I Hate Running


Olivia Newton John’s smash hit single Physical is what we all envision our work outs will be like, loving life, looking good and have a great time whilst doing it, however that’s seldom the case with it often ending with me on the floor screaming for sweet mercy. Well luckily in todays modern pop landscape we’ve got a song that perfectly represents that feeling with Number One Popstar, a project that essentially loves to troll the music industry through a classic pop lens, and her latest single comedically titled I Hate Running, we’re off to a great start.

With a hook comprising of the words, “Nothing matters we’re all gonna die,” this already is the most accurate portrayal of a workout in pop history. The retro synth melodies immediately give you the feeling of a 80’s aerobic workout video with a subtle groove the gets your foot tapping instantly and body moving in no time at all. Whilst a lot of this pokes fun at workout and health culture the lyrics actually focus more on taking time for yourself and focusing on your mental wellbeing as opposed to the physical side which, the majority of people, put more importance on. Combine that with a cult lead music video, just watch to understand, and you’ve got a piece of pop dynamite.

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