Kate Lynn – Sorry For Being Sorry

Armed with her sultry vocals and vulnerable storytelling the Nashville based songwriter Kate Lynn is adding her own spin to the alternative pop genre that she hopes will inspire others for many years to come. Having experienced bullying and self-esteem issues growing up the 22 year old pushed herself more than ever to get out of her comfort zone and overcome her self-confidence issue by pursuing her dreams of releasing music, a huge moment for her. As a result of this she’s never afraid to dive deep into her own psyche to deliver music that has a long lasting impact on all those who listen.

Sorry For Being Sorry is her latest release that details her past toxic relationship where she gave everything she could be it was always never enough for them, but luckily she opened her eyes and realised what was happening and ended it the second she could. It’s an empowering number with her taking back every time she apologised to him for not doing enough as her tender-hearted vocals deliver her pensive lyrics over a minimalist production comprised of somber melodies and celestial moments of cathartic relief. This piece holds the message that you should always be true to yourself and never apologise for who you are.

“‘Sorry For Being Sorry’ is an expression of what it feels like to be in a disappointing relationship that takes and never gives,” Kate Lynn explains. “It was a song that, as I wrote it, I realized how much I allowed this person to make me feel like I was constantly in the wrong. You should never have to apologize for who you are. I hope it gives to people just as much as it has given to me.”

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