Tom Saint – Ghost

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

One of my favorite things about music is coming across an extremely underrated artist that hasn’t yet received the recognition they deserve. This was the case when I first heard Tom Saint. It’s always nice to see artists focus on the production aspect of their tracks, so I was super impressed and honestly surprised with how clean Tom’s production was for being a new artist. 

Tom’s latest track is a vibe and a half. With production similar to the artist duo grey with extremely clean and catchy vocals, Ghost combines EDM with pop to produce a dancefloor hit. The focus of the song is getting close to an individual and developing feelings, but then being “ghosted” after they disappear off the radar, which is a relatable feeling to many listeners. 

My advice to you is don’t “ghost” this song, it could be your next favorite tune that you play everywhere and anywhere.

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