IZZA – Made Up My Mind

Returning with the second single from an upcoming EP in the new year, London-based songwriter IZZA is creating a noticeable amount of hype. The new single Made Up My Mind continues where her previous single left off, with a lush pastiche of mellow guitar licks and minimal production, combining for an assured piece of chilled out, stripped back pop. 

Produced and written with Pieree-Laurent Faure and Luis Isserman the narrative of the track follows her experiences within the music industry. The lyrics reflect the constant feeling of being mis-managed and forced to cave to outside influences and opinions. It’s an affecting piece of pop music, with a unique style and a lush production throughout. Speaking on the new track, IZZA states:

“The song that was inspired by a past relationship turned into so much more for me, as it also reflects my experience in the music industry. Made Up My Mind is about learning that you don’t have to cave into the outside pressures of pretending everything is fine and trying to please others. It will never make you happy. Instead listen to your gut instinct – it will help you make the right decisions!” 

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