Diana Goldberg – occupy your mind

If you’ve ever been to a party you’ll know there is always that one person who craves being the centre of attention, they’re loud, bold, obnoxious and don’t particularly care if you love or hate them, they just want you to notice them. They’re a narcissist and will do whatever they need to do to make sure that people notice them and often become someone who many people don’t want to invite again, but have you ever thought to look beyond the surface? Well the German songstress Diana Goldberg does just that in her debut single titled occupy your mind.

The tracks is told through the perspective of a narcissist as we see the inner workings of their mind in a new vulnerable way that many wouldn’t have thought of before and see why they do what they do. Goldberg’s angelic vocal expresses this this inner turmoil perfectly with her airy tone evoking a powerful wave of emotion as the brooding production comprised of deep synth melodies provides an intimate atmosphere that makes it all feel so undeniably real. A new perspective is sometimes all we need to see someone for who they are and not what they try to be.

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