Hudi – Golden


The 22-year-old artist-producer Hudi has undoubtably been one of the biggest surprises of 2020 with the musician carrying an undeniable confidence that is akin to hip hop giants like 50 Cent and Missy Elliot as he channels that swagger into his music where he created the soundtracks for Halloween heathens smiling in cracked mirrors. His past two release, Knock Back and WOODCHUCK, have been an escapists dream as they take us from a world where nightmares often breed better realities and into somewhere that allows us to live out insane fantasies. His brooding beats and ominous beats light a fire underneath you whilst offering us all something fresh and exciting.

Today in Golden he takes a step back from the minor chords as he delivers a slightly more buoyant number through an array coruscating synths but still maintains his candid lyrical wit as he croons about mismatched desire and acceptance. It’s a balmy piece that shows us a new side to Hudi’s enthralling soundscape as the shimmering melodies begin to wrap around your body and make all your worries slowly melt away before his thrill seeking sound fills you with unbridled euphoria that gives his sound endless possibilities.

If you dig this then we highly recommend diving into his debut EP TSAR as it is a fantastic body of work that we cannot get enough of.

Hudi ยท Golden

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