stef – kickin all the pieces of my heart.

Despite being a newcomer to the music scene the Nashville based musician stef stands at the forefront of the pop scene with her representing the new wave of young Generation Z musicians adding their own unique flair to the classic sound. She’s a new generation of artist, she leaves no stone unturned, no detail unchecked and pushes the boundaries of what pop music can be through her innovative soundscape that matches her ambitious personality and undeniable passion she has for her craft.

Her latest single titled kickin all the pieces of my heart further demonstrates her talent with a production comprised of haunting synth melodies mixed with dynamic electronic flourishes to create an ominous yet beautifully enthralling atmosphere. The luscious tones of her vocal croon the introspective lyrics whilst adding some witty spoken lines that add another layer of personality to the piece and further expand upon her sonic identity. It’s something you can blast out in your bedroom or play on long car rids with friends and belt out whilst having the time of your life. Pop music doesn’t get much better.

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