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“I Want It All” encapsulates everything that makes Parade Of Lights special


I was first introduced to Parade Of Lights many years ago when a friend sent me a message with the link to the music video We’re The Kids and I fell in love with the track, it felt like the perfect song to be played in a modern coming of age movie. That became partly true when their track Tangled Up was featured in the soundtrack for 13 Reasons Why season 2. Since then the band have been going from strength to strength and have been releasing music in the build up to the release of their EP The Human Condition, Pt 2.

The latest track they’ve released is called I Want It All and sticks to what the band do best which is creating tracks with a charismatic hook you’ll be singing for days to come along with the shimmering synths and a punchy bass line. This track encapsulates the uplifting nature that this band can create with absolute ease in all of their tracks, they just know how put a smile on your face whenever you listen to them. I’d also highly recommend seeing them live if you ever get the chance as their shows will leave you feeling electric.

Connect with Parade Of Lights: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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