With every single release Eryn Allen Kane continues completely and utterly astound me, every track I hear leaves me speechless and begging for more. Her debut track, Have Mercy, is still one of the best tracks I have ever heard, I still go back to it regularly when I need to listen to an outstanding piece of music. She has such a rich vocal tone with a raw emotive vocals that fills every single track with passion and makes you believe every single word she sings.

Now she has released her first new track since Aviary: Act II and it is the spectacular Motown inspired track Feel The Need. There is a feel good energy to this song that will easily put a smile on your face along with the uplifting lyrics that compliment this. As per usual though it is Kane’s vocal that steals the spotlight, no matter what she sings that vocal always leaves me mesmerised. She is a simply enchanting songstress who has the ability to capture audiences with absolute ease and have them hanging onto every single note she sings. I could give her praise all day long but if I had to describe Eryn Allen Kane’s music in one word it would be timeless.

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