Over the years I’ve heard a lot of artists attempt to capture a retro sound but the majority of the time something just feels off about them, but then you have artists like Adeline, formerly a member of disco band Escort, who capture the essence of the sound perfectly whilst being able to add their own flavour to it and make the sound their own. Whether it be old school R&B, soul or disco, she tackles it head on with style and grace.

Today she’s released a brand new track called Before that fuses old school disco with some classic soul that is reminiscent of The Supremes. The track as a great feel good vibe to it that will easily put a smile on your face along with showing off the incredible vocal range Adeline possesses, there is a high note towards the end of the track that will make your draw drop. A stunning follow up to her previous tracks that continue this singers solo journey before the release of her debut album [ad•uh•leen].

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