Thrift shops and flea markets are often where we find some of our favourite pieces of clothing, be it the oversized shirts, retro body warmers, classic big fluffy coats or, in Berlin based artist Novaa’s case, denim. We’ve already had one hit song about hitting thrift shops and finding the best of people’s old forgotten items so why not have another one.

Denim Queen sees Novaa step away from the cinematic nature of her previous track and goes for a more pop based production. What I like about this track is how it was inspired by how their is hidden potential in everything, no matter how damaged, old or worn out there’s always something special within them. This alone showcases the amazing songwriting skills that she possesses with her effortless lyrics like, “A lady asked for diamond rings, So I gave her a stone that was glistening, Imagine what your life could be,” that craft a beautiful story within your mind. Another superb track from the Berlin artist who is certainly an artist to keep an eye on.

“Denim Queen is one of my favourites of my debut album as it’s really fun to play live and also has a meaning that is very important to me. It’s about finding that your world is always in your hands even though sometimes circumstances seem to restrict or constrain you. As I love thrift shopping and discovering old forgotten stuff – especially trashy instruments – that most people think is not useable anymore, it was really fun to use that imagery to visualize the message of the song.” – Novaa

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