Back in 2013 an album was released called Glow that can only be defined as one of the best pop albums to be released that year and set the mark for future indie pop artists. Thankfully the band behind that album, Royal Teeth, returned earlier this year with the anthem of a track Never Gonna Quit and I highly recommend listening to that track if you haven’t already.

Now they’ve comeback with another pop anthem in the form of It’s Just The Start which starts of with a tender atmosphere before building into a powerful and confident track. The bands style has evolved over the years where originally they were pure bubblegum pop but now they’ve developed more of a rock influence that has helped add an extra layer to their music. The track becomes even more special though when you find out the meaning behind it came from when Gary Larsen had lost all confidence within himself and the music world. Luckily Larsen found his confidence again and has greeted us with a truly special track.

“It’s Just The Start is very personal for me. Last year, I went through a period where I lost confidence in myself. I needed to be reminded that it’s alright to not be alright sometimes. I had to take a moment to remind myself of my value. This song is an expression of those feelings. Creatively, it feels like we’re starting over, but we think it’s the beginning of something special.” – Gary Larsen, singer of Royal Teeth

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