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Stockholm born but now London based artist LOUUD has made a name for herself for making relatable and honest pieces of pop music, at this point I’d actually say she is the queen of relatable pop music. She’s covered a wide range of topics from heartbreak and sadness to love and anger but today in her latest single Better Off she sings about her own experience after a bad breakup.

”Better Off is a song that I wrote last year together with my friend Craig Sellar about rather wanting to be on your own than to have someone in your life that doesn’t treat you right,” she explains how the song began. “It was written after a bad breakup but it could be about any type of relationship, whether that’s a friendship, family or a romantic one. I want it to be a self love pop anthem that inspires people to stick up for themselves and remind them that they deserve the best and to be loved for who they are.”

This track screams new age pop anthem with the laidback vocals, that have an air of Taylor Swift about them, cooing that intoxicatingly catchy hook, “I’m better off on my own,” that you’ll soon find yourself singing in the shower. Some chilled out electronics lead the more melancholy and 80’s inspired production creating this beautifully textured soundscape as well as an irresistible melody with some emotional resonance to it. Combine all that with some empowering lyrics about self love and you’ve got a pop anthem that we’ll playing blaring on our speakers for weeks to come.


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