A couple of years ago now I actually got the pleasure of seeing Marsicans as the opening act for Natives down in Plymouth. The crowd may’ve been dead that night but these guys kept me dancing through the night with their brand of uplifting and highly energetic alternative pop. Today they’ve released their latest single Little Things which is about the quintessential little things in life and if you’re in a bit of bad mood today or feeling glum then listen to this and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

“Little Things is a song about the little things in life that keep you going,” vocalist and bassist of the band Rob Brander explains. “It began in rehearsal when James played us a frenetic guitar riff, accompanied by a lyric about being ‘lost in the bread aisle’. We didn’t worry too much about structure, letting the energy in the room dictate where we should take the song next. We ended up with lots of twists and turns – and quite a lot of grit in places. The lyrics were finished over a cup of tea at (drummer) Cale’s, after an enjoyable writing process which featured lists of things that made us all happy. There were some gems that never made the cut, like a line about dropping your toast and it landing butter-side up.”

Honestly I really wish they included that lyric about the buttered toast, aside from that though this track was made to be played at stadiums with the crowd singing along in unison. The infectious yet punchy guitar riffs mixed with the pulsating percussion creates a euphoric atmosphere straight from the get go with the animated vocal dancing effortlessly over them. It’s the lyrics however that steal the show, all these little things that just make you smile and can brighten an otherwise cloudy day, we all have them and this track makes you take a second to really appreciate them. What’s not to love about this band?

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