Early last week the Berlin based singer róka released her debut single Overgrown which left me feeling completely spellbound hauntingly melodic vocal and ambient production creating a lushly textured soundscape that sent shivers instantly down my spine. It’s a single that managed to blur the lines between euphoria and despair whilst weaving a hypnotic tale with her poetically poignant lyricisms and honest vocal that paints a vivid image in your mind of the emotion she is experiencing.

Today she’s released the music video for this track and, like the single, it manages to be effortlessly mesmerising and emotionally enthralling. This video is the definition of aesthetically pleasing with these gorgeous shots of róka climbing up sand dunes, lying surrounded by dead leaves and a lyrical dance sequence in the middle of the woods. It’s really the best of both worlds with us getting a beautifully shot music video for our eyes and a gorgeously written song for our ears.

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