Augustine – Wishful Thinking

Friday, August 12, 2022

artwork_wishful thinking_oskaromne.jpg

Augustine is probably my favourite artist to come out of 2019 because of his everlasting sound and celestial vocal that manages to hit high notes that send shivers down my spine instantaneously. Now we all get the joy of listening to a whole EP of his music in Wishful Thinking with him saying, “Hearing the EP from a distance it became clear that this music grew out many years of me being afraid of being a disappointment to others. All the lyrics were inspired by being afraid of people, the world and leaving things behind.”

The EP opens with Luzon, the single that introduced Augustine to the world, and this track still packs an emotional punch even after all these months. His vocals manages to capture this emotive rawness that is rare to behold along with a magnetising quirkiness that gives the track that extra bit of charm. It manages to be elegant yet fun at the same time, adding more to the quirky nature of the track and, to put it quite simply, it’s this that makes it one of the best tracks of 2019.

We’ve all felt like we’re not good enough at some point in our lives, it’s a horrible feeling to experience that is effortlessly expressed through the lyric, “That I’ll be your biggest disappointment / If you sum up the years of adolescence.” The chorus of Viola is superb and ever since listening to it I’ve found myself humming the melody to myself consistently with a small smile on my face, which is surprising considering the darker subject matter. However despite the song containing a deeper subject matter it is contrasted beautifully by the lucid production containing a warmly pulsating rhythm that invites you in with it’s alluring intimacy and gives an uplifting and more positive look of the future where you will feel you’re more than good enough.

After that we get transported into the 1980’s with the anthemic synth pop track that is filled with such dizzying highs that you find you end up losing yourself in the moment every time you hear it. Wishful Thinking is a different side of Augustine that shows how diverse of a songwriter he is with melody having a feel good factor to it that makes you want to dance and uplifting lyrics, especially during the chorus with, “I was only wearing dreams / A wishful thinking,” having such wonderful optimism to it. This track would be perfect for any coming of age film but it has me specifically think to the tunnel scene in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, play this song over that scene and it feels like heaven.

If a song is inspired by the hook of an Ariana Grande hit then you know you’re probably gonna have something with some pop grandness to it. However A Scent Of A Lily became more alternative with a cinematic soundscape with melancholy synths adding an extra kick to the tracks and lyrics representing that powerlessness of losing yourself in a relationship where you lose all sense of reason, “Oh and how she spreads / All through my entangled mind / A Scent of Lily in my bed / Still left there from Sunday night.” His distinctive vocal continues to shine in this with it managing to balance the pop grandeur he was aiming for and the confusion of falling so hopelessly in love.

The final track is Slacks which Augustine describes as “The most personal song of the EP. It’s about how a lovely relationship didn’t last because of distance. We moved to different cities, and I became so self-absorbed. I started suffering from agoraphobia that made it hard for me to even go outside. A little crazy in hindsight.” This is utterly captivating with only his celestial vocal and a somber piano leading the track that makes every evocative lyric pierce your heart. It’s one of those tracks that needs to played with the lights off, allowing you to be fully immersed in the musical experience that will make you cry your eyes out in seconds.

This isn’t just an EP, it’s an experience. Augustine captures every emotion in the human spectrum and translates it into spellbinding pieces of art that are there to comfort you and leave you wanting more. This is hands down the best EP of 2019 and will played on repeat for months, maybe even years, to come.

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