Harry Strange – I Like You

Throughout 2020 the London based artist Harry Strange has been crafting emotionally invigorating pop pieces that interweaves the modern pop singer songwriter style that Ed Sheeran re-invented with a compelling alternative pop production that shifts between coruscating electronics and gentle guitar plucking patterns. However whilst his multifaceted soundscape has been a big part of his music, it’s his evocative storytelling that has seen his audience connect with him. He crafts tales that resonate with people, no matter the age, gender or background, he writes music based around the human condition and that’s what’s resulted in him connecting with so many fans across the UK currently.

His latest single I Like You continues this with it being for a boy that Strange likes as he details the tiny thoughts that rushed through his mind about when he realised he found someone rather special. That’s what’s so lovely about this track though, it focuses on the little things that Strange’s crush does that has made him slowly fall head over heels for him. The build up focuses on this too with it starting off soft and quiet before growing to a loud and unapologetic end that feels like a declaration of love being shouted from the roof tops for all to hear. This will undoubtably be featured in a romcom at some point as the two men finally realise they’re made for each other.

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