Mal the Oddity – Alone With You

Whilst Mal the Oddity’s music draws inspiration from hip hop, bedroom pop and electronica there’s only one genre that defines his sonic universe and that is cinema. He crafts music and treats it like a feature film with a three act structure through his ability to weave a compelling narrative into his production that is reminiscent of Frank Ocean during his early days, he can thank his high school days of writing fiction stories and poetry for this talent. Even when he performs live Mal will begin to play experimental self-produced movies that compliment the music he is performing, making his live shows a music spectacle and an art piece.

Alone With You is an introspective single with thought provoking lyrics that with resonate with many as he begins to question how one can feel alone within a relationship when they’re together as well as other questions that will leave you wide awake at night trying to answer. Warped synths and rumbling beats lead the ambient production that allows the soft timbre of Mal’s flow to shine and allow his poetically vulnerable lyrics to shine throughout this compelling track.

“I believe that relationships are like mirrors. As much as ‘Alone With You’ is written about someone close to me, it’s also a self-portrait,” Mal explains about the track. “I had a lot of questions while writing this song: how can two people feel lonely when they’re together? How do we bridge the distance between ourselves and loved ones, when things have gone bad in the past? Are these questions for my loved one, or questions for myself? The search for some answers resulted in this song.”

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