Jalle – Someone I Could’ve Been Apart Of

Having being born and raised in Nottingham myself I’d heard a few of my close friends mention Jalle, another native to the city, to me in the past and once I listened to his debut single Pick Me Up I instantly realised the hype surrounding him. The artists fusion of classic pop songwriting with his love of the UK’s hip hop scene has lead to him creating a sonic identity for himself that dances the fine line between each genre to create a new soundscape for himself to call his own. The distinct sound he’s developed has lead to him receiving a lot of love from across not only his native city but also the whole world with his track racking up the plays from countries like Thailand and Hong Kong.

Today he unveiled his debut EP Hey to the world and, as expected, the project showcases the insane amount of talent coming out of this young man but it was Someone I Could’ve Been Apart Of that caught my attention. The throbbing beats feel like they belong in a grimy club during closing hour as the emphatic vocals deliver the addictive lyrics with power and precision before we reach the explosive chorus that is like a fusion between Pop Punk and Alternative Hip Hop. Nottingham has a new icon in the making and his name is Jalle!

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