Marcelo De La Vega – Told You

Young love is one of the most visceral feelings we as human beings can experience as it overwhelms our very being, we become a new version of ourselves where our romantic interest is the only thing on our minds, they sweep us off of our feet and consume our very being all in one quick movement. There’s also a blissful naivety that comes from this overwhelming emotion, we think this love is going to go the distance and last til the end of time but it rarely turns out that way and is one of the most poignant messages we learn in our youth, love doesn’t always last forever. It’s this adolescent discovery that inspired Argentinian-Australian artist Marcelo De La Vega in his stirring debut Told You.

“‘Told You’ is about the naivety of falling in love for the first time and how we think it’s going to last forever, but it seldom ends up that way,” the artist begins to explain. “There are always older people putting you down saying ‘it’s only young love, just you wait’ and sadly they’re usually right, so when you break up, there’s a ‘told you so’ moment. It’s about the feeling when I thought I was going to be with my first love forever and we were going to take over the world, but then some things happened, we went through actual testing moments like an adult couple, like moving to a different country together and sharing our finances but ultimately realised that we weren’t mature enough to deal with these situations we found ourselves in.

His lyricisms detail his own experience in such a candid way that you feel like a fly on the wall watching the end of this relationship unfold before your very eyes whilst receiving flashbacks to the happier times they both once experienced. Vega’s infectious pop melodies wriggle their way into the deepest crevasses of your brain whilst his gritty alternative edge makes the story hit hard, like a punch in the face from Evander Holyfield. Vega’s songwriting is known for diving into the human condition and with this only being a small taste of what he has to offer then it’s safe to say we’re hyped to see what he comes out with next.

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