Ruben Dawnson – Echo Emotions

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The young Norwegian musician Ruben Dawnson already made a lasting impression on us when he released his very own screw you anthem towards anxiety FYALMA. We soon discovered that single was a good representation of his whole sound with lyrics exploring the perils of his own inner battles with anxiety, loneliness and fear whilst his melancholy vocal soars over the hazy production melodies.

Now we get a full EP titled Echo Emotions filled with his compelling signature sound. The whole project is a modern day coming of age tale about growing into yourself and realising who you are as a person. Each track deals with a new subject matter so by the end of the EP you’ll have found multiple songs that you can personally relate to.

Speaking about EP Dawnson said, “This is a very special and introspective project for me, a product of reflections and thoughts built over several years. itʼs about confronting your true self, learning and acknowledging your inner fears, struggles, issues… honesty & fear. learning to be honest. realizing itʼs okay to tell people. opening up. Discovering new sides of yourself. lessons. change. growth yet stillness. itʼs raw, direct and as honest as it can be. fear, mortality, loss, loneliness, anxiety, sexuality – hope & love. this is the truest expression of me in my moments of existence.”

The EP already features his three previous singles SAYIMGOOD which flicks between self love and self criticism, I Don’t Wanna Be Alone which perfectly sums up how we’re all feeling during self-isolation and the previously mentioned anti anxiety anthem FYALMA. However we’ve also got three new tracks to fall head over heels in love with such as the pulsating Still Moving that features the celestial vocal of Hannah Jadagu, the intimately adoring acoustically inclined Rain on My Umbrella before the simply poetic end of the EP Echo Emotions.

Overall this is a stellar body of work that continues to demonstrate Dawnson’s ability to craft honest songs focusing on regions of our psyche that we’re often to scared to go down ourselves.

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