Rebecca Perl – Blame You


Rebecca Perl is a New York born, Los Angeles based artist whose music cascades heartfelt emotion down upon you that lingers long after the song has finished playing. Her delicate honey drizzled vocal has an earnest characteristic to it that when mixed with her intimate production styling makes listening to her music feel like you’re witnessing a close friend pour their heart out to you in the middle of your living room. You believe every soul-stirring lyric she utters until you end up reaching for the tissues and her latest track Blame You is living proof of this.

“When you go through heartbreak, it’s easier to blame the other person than yourself,” Perl shares about the track. “Nobody wants to take blame for a failed relationship. Sometimes it’s nobody’s fault, and that alone can keep you up at night. At the time, blaming him was the only way I found peace with the situation and it helped me move on.”

This track carries a raw unadulterated candid emotion through the spine tingling soaring vocals of Perl as the cinematic soundscape of melancholy guitar riffs, spaced out synth beats and somber piano melodies perfectly compliment this. Perl’s songwriting often touches on love in all forms but this might be her most personal and honest piece to date that many people will find a connection with as well as a place of solace to go to when their love life is going down to rock bottom.

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