Tony Ferrari x Grace Grundy – Let’s Buy A House

During our youth many of us grew up within our imagination, creating games out of thin air, turning everything around us into a mystical creature or mythical being and becoming someone completely new for just a few brief moments in the day. However as we grow older we venture away from our imagination and enter the real world, but for some of us venturing out of this imaginary world we’ve created is harder to do without that special someone beside you. It’s this side of growing up that Tony Ferrari and Grace Grundy are sweetly singing about today in their collaboration titled Let’s Buy A House.

Escapism is a main part of the lyrics, using your mind as a tool to remove yourself from reality, but suddenly you discover someone who is better than anything you could’ve ever imagined that makes the idea of getting a house, mortgage and paying bills seem less frightening and more exciting. The bubbly production lives in this whimsical land but remains fairly rooted to the ground through the looping beats complimenting the scintillating synth melodies as the pair’s vocals gently glide over it all. A sweet number that’s all wrapped up in a charming bow.

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