spill tab – Santé


The bilingual indie pop artist spill tab has graced this page many times since her debut back in 2019 with her lusciously toned smooth vocals drifting over her tenderly penned production style in a glorious fashion that makes you feel like the main character in a movie. Whilst her previous releases have leant more towards the singer songwriter territory with an ethereal tone to them, today she ventures into the pulsating world of electronic pop with a subtle house influence through her thumping French sung single titled Santé.

“I sent a bass line to David around the start of Covid, and he went off and hashed out the track and sent it back to me to add vocals. We just went back and forth wanting to create a sort of smokey club vibe, something I don’t think we’ll get to experience anytime soon; so it was a way of reliving those moments with the creative process and just having fun with it.”

The rhythmic nature of the production shows us a new side to the dreamy soundscape she’s been crafting over the years with the thumping beats carrying an ominous atmosphere that we’re not used to hearing from spill tab’s usual celestial music. It’s a brooding affair with a underlying grimy quality that makes this something that’s quite perfect for house parties with her vocal offering a slight sultry twist to the piece as the funky melodies get out head bopping. Exciting stuff from this rising talent.

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