Dylan Fraser – I Do These Things For Me

Ever since his debut Vipers came out earlier this year we’ve been adamant supporters of Scotland’s latest music prodigy Dylan Fraser with his soul-stirring vocal and hauntingly magnificent production both capturing our imagination and the hearts of fans across the globe. It’s been clear from the get go that this young musician has a vision of what he wants his music to be and the messages he wants to deliver through his anti-pop and hip hop infused sound that fans of Billie Eilish will adore.

I Do These Things For Me is Fraser’s own ode to the internet and how we have this continual urge to impress people, be it posting a photo saying that ‘big things are coming’ or showing things that make people think you’ve got things together when in reality it’s far from that. This is Fraser unapologetically telling the world everything he does he does for himself and nobody else through his candid lyrics, raw delivery and genre-defying sound.

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